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💥Strugle to keep up, PT coaching was created to empower all of us to be our best selves by partnering up for positive change. As the change occurs and I see the difference in my clients’ moods and confidence, that is where the magic happens!!! :)

💥New mum?! Asking so now what? Your body has transformed so much in the last year, and you are ready to work yourself back into shape and feeling great about yourself.We will discuss importance of exercise and philosophies surrounding getting yourself into shape after a baby, its going to take a little bit work but will pale in comparison to the work you just did bringing life into this world. 

💥 Not sure where to start or what exercise/diet good for you? Drop me message and we figure out :) When creating training's, I put quality and functionality first, but I don't forget about yours personal can and can't do. This allows you to feel confident, beautiful and... give it 100 % on your workout!

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💖Also since early ages I have been passionate about beauty and fashion! Since 2014 I hold my first certyficate in Make up artistry, followed by hairdressing and few various in beauty. In 2016 I joined one of make up, beauty and fragrance leading agence's in UK, working amongst major high street shops and airports. I had pleasure working with brands like: - Fenty Beauty - Bar Minerals - Estee Lauder - Clinique - Elemis - ESPA -Armani - Hugo Boss - Burberry and loads more!

💥Fancy chat about beauty regime or make up tips I'm more than happy to help! Book 1:1 workshop and we will focus on your skin care, make up and more!!! 

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