Join me and learn simple yoga techniques to manage your stress levels in just 20 minutes a day.
The practices I teach uniquely focus on relaxation and breathing methods that are easy and suitable for anyone. No experience required.
✅ Release the stress that's draining your energy
✅ Unlock tension and experience freedom in movement
✅ Discover the power of calming breathing
✅ Active your own self-practice with master frameworks
✅ Elevate your energy levels through awareness, acceptance, and action
The course is designed to bridge yoga philosophy and practice so that users actually understand the relevance of what they are doing on the mat and have reverence for it off the mat
It's designed to be delivered in bite-size sessions so we build on it each week, adopting scaffolding learning where we focus on mindfulness, alignments, energy, breathwork, sequencing to make us feel balanced, connected, and focused.
It's supposed to help deal with the stress of the uncertain times we are experiencing, to create our own world by choosing to embody positivity.

Created to empower you to tune in to your inner guide, to find an awareness of what you need, and have access to a toolbox of techniques to bring about the best practice for you each day.
Ready for a total transformation?